Video Conferencing in South Africa Has Never Been Easier.

At the MW Group, we specialise in Video Conferencing. We offer a video conference venues in Johannesburg. In accordance with national legislation, we are B.E.E. Compliant. Click here to view the compliance document. If you can not view the document through your browser window, simply right click on the link and select "save target as..." or "save link as..." and then download it onto your computer. The document has been virus scanned and is completely safe.

Video Conferencing is a versatile tool to make the most of your national and international meetings but it goes further than that. Video Conferencing not only brings departments together it can also bring families and friends close together.

  • Affordable, one-stop video conferencing solutions that are as personal and confidential as a face-to-face meeting.

  • Innovative, high quality, reliable and easy to use - just dial up as though making a telephone call to any national or international destination.

  • Improves communications within and between organisations: meetings over long distances can be held more frequently and arranged at very short notice.

  • Saves time and money through reduced travel requirements, and reduces the associated stress and physical risks.

  • Helps to improve productivity, as managers can devote more time to core business activities.

  • Allows faster response to changing environments, thereby providing you with a competitive advantage.

  • Enables you to put into practice instant damage control.

  • Enables you to allocate resources more efficiently.

  • Research shows that videoconference meetings are more effective than normal meetings because
    people tend to deviate less from the subjects discussed.

  • A full range of standards-based video conferencing products is available, from executive
    applications to small, medium and large groups.

  • Expert advice and back-up services.

  • Can be arranged at extremely short notice.

  • Multi-Conferencing connects you to more than one site:

    • Use any video conferencing customer premises equipment (CPE) - no need to change
      your current CPE.

    • Guaranteed connectivity using conventional technologies.

    • Secure conferences connecting multiple sites.

    • No capital required for multipoint equipment - service charge per usage only.

    • No maintenance and overhead costs.

Video Conference Venues

We have video conferencing venues through out South Africa but our main hubs are Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg. From these locations you can either visit one of our venues or arrange a short term lease or even buy your own equipment.

See Video Conferencing Johannesburg

Video Conference Rentals

Are you planning a short term situation that involves regular video conferencing? Then we have the solution for you! You can lease equipment that will save you money and have the equipment on hand for immediate video conferencing.

You can start at entry level with the Vega X1, a reliable and high quality video conferencing system. We can advise you which of our machines would best suit your needs.

Read More About Video Conference Rentals

See Friends and Family Again

Video conferencing is not just for business. It is also a great tool to see friends and family again overseas. Some clients celebrate birthdays and anniversaries at our conference centres and it turns into a very emotional experience that will remain in the mind for years to come.

Video conferencing is as yet fully explored in its application for not only business interaction but also personal interaction. At MW Video Conferencing, we will keep you up on the latest advances. Just keep Checking back with us

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